General Tso Potato Chips

Until fairly recently, potato chips in the US came in a short list of familiar flavors — plain, BBQ, ranch…. Take a trip to the local tienda and you might find chili-lime chips (it’s well worth the trip). Or visit China for cucumber-flavored or blueberry-flavored chips (also worth the trip though you’ll want to do some sightseeing while you’re there).

A more recent addition to our choice of chips is supposed to taste like General Tso’s chicken. Readers who love those battered and fried chicken nuggets drenched in a sweet syrup will be disappointed. Happily for the rest of us, the folks at Archer Farms  chose to use a savory flavoring. The dominate notes are soy sauce and ginger backed by garlic and a hint of sweetness. Pretty tasty.

The chips themselves are thick and ripple-cut and provide a satisfying crunch. They would probably stand up to dipping if you can find a suitable flavor — blue cheese or bacon horseradish are both out.

The bag is equipped with a recloseable ziplock insert which doesn’t seem worthwhile. At our house, a bag of chips doesn’t last long enough for us to see a difference between the fancy closure and just folding down the top.

Other than my objection to the packaging, the chips are pretty  good and I’ll probably buy more. If you like the idea of ginger-soy sauce flavored chips, give them a try for yourself.

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