Porch Repair

Bored? Buy an old house. There will always be something to repair or paint. Our house was built in the 19th century and has since been remodeled and added onto by various owners. The last addition was the front porch. Looking at the brickwork and some old photos, we’ve concluded that the house started with a wooden porch. By 1950, that had been replaced with a concrete stoop. The current porch was built by the people we bought the house from just before they put the house on the market. The weather has not been kind to the porch and the railings and floor boards are now rotting.

We started the project by removing the bottoms of the railings and pulling up loose flooring. We quickly discovered, it wasn’t just the floor boards that were bad — joists were rotting too.

We eventually determined that the rot was confined to the edges of the porch away from the house. A few feet in, the joists are solid. So we cut away the outer four feet of flooring. Looking at the rotted bits, we concluded the builders had used 4d bright finish nails which had rusted and wicked moisture into the flooring and joists.

Since we’d cut the flooring off flush with a joist, we sistered in a 2×4 so we’d have something to nail the ends of the new flooring onto. The other joists also got 2×4 sisters so we’d have a flat nailing surface. While we were working, the herald of spring, a red-headed groundhog, popped out to enjoy the sunshine…

… and saw her shadow…. Once it quits snowing, and things dry out and we’ll pick this back up.

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One Response to Porch Repair

  1. Ann says:

    When we bought our first house on Southern Street, my mother’s comment to me was “you’ll never again say ‘I have nothing to do'”

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