An Open Letter to Wholesale Supplies Plus

Updated: 13 August 2013

I ordered 2 gallons of USP-grade glycerin through your website Wholesale Supplies Plus. Before placing the order, I carefully read the product overview including the “Points of Interest” section which states

All Natural. Vegetable Source. USP Grade.

I also reviewed the MSDS and the Declaration of Conformity provided under the documents tab. Together these documents state the product is USP-grade glycerin. The MSDS further states that the product is suitable as a food ingredient and provides nutritional information (432 Cal / 100 g).

My reason for purchasing this product was as a food ingredient. Thus you can imagine my dismay when I opened the box and found two jugs labelled Crafters Choice(tm) glycerin below which was written “Do no ingest”.

To find our what had happened, I called your customer service number. They explained that you repackage the glycerin in a facility which does not meet USP specifications so the repackaged product can’t be labelled USP-grade glycerin.

The customer service representative made arrangements for a return but was told “no” when she asked a supervisor about a return label. I would have to pay the shipping if I wanted a refund.

So what’s my point? The product description on your website is at best misleading. And under the circumstances, I don’t believe it’s fair to expect me to pay return shipping in order to get a refund.

To help others avoid this pitfall I’m posting this as an open letter on my blog and as a product rating on your website.

Update 13 August 2013: The Q&A section of this product page has come to life —

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 1.39.01 PM

Both the question and the answer (along with two unanswered questions) appeared on their site after this letter was published. A remarkable coincidence.

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