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If you have metal tools, corrosion is a fact of life. You can¬†take steps to limit moisture and apply protective coatings but like ants at a picnic, rust is all but inevitable. There are lots of ways to remove rust … Continue reading

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Those Cookies We Like

Traditions are fun. Every year I don’t read her The Little Lame Squirrel’s Thanksgiving and then somehow I wind up making a batch of “those cookies we like”. In the past, Christmas was held here but now that folks have … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Wholesale Supplies Plus

Updated: 13 August 2013 I ordered 2 gallons of USP-grade glycerin through your website¬†Wholesale Supplies Plus. Before placing the order, I carefully read the product overview including the “Points of Interest” section which states All Natural. Vegetable Source. USP Grade. … Continue reading

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Shoe Wall

Her: I need another shoe rack. We looked for something suitable in the big box stores but everything was too wide or too tall. What we really needed was more space. Thus was born the shoe wall. The basic idea … Continue reading

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This is gonna take more than a coat of paint.

A couple months ago, we came home to find our normally cool basement transformed into a Turkish bath . The hot water heater had sprung a leak. Normal people would clean up the mess, replace the appliance and move on. … Continue reading

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Health Care and Political Metaphor

If you’ve paid any attention to the health reform debate, you’ve probably heard at least one talking head claim that an individual health insurance mandate is just like making people buy auto insurance. Bull. We don’t require everyone to buy … Continue reading

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Righthaven Liquified

It’s heartwarming to see a legal shakedown scheme stopped dead. For those who don’t follow lawsuits, Righthaven is a company that was set up as a copyright collection agency. They searched for online quotations from newspaper articles, got the copyright … Continue reading

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